Jerry Ballantyne
Carleton MI USA
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Surfing (well, duh)
Playing with my cats and dog
Gardening and lawn work
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  • Hi Folks.

    Are you surfing without a plan? That's not good.

    Surfing without a plan is like putting an elevator in an outhouse. You can spend a lot of time pushing buttons but you're not gonna get very far. Besides that, after a while, it really stinks.

    I'd love to share my plan with you. Wanna see it? Just click the banner.

    Thank you so much for reading.

    Happy surfing

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  • Sep 26th 2023 at 10:30 PM
    Hi everybody

    I'm so happy y'all dropped in. While you're here I'd like to personally invite each and every one of you to join me at my favorite sites. Who are they? Just give the banner a little click and you'll see.

    Grandpaws Recipe Banner

    Y'all come back again, hear?

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Hi everybody
Sep 26th 2023 at 10:30 PM
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